How to Prepare Coconut Rice


Ingredients \ Recipie

*Rice 4 cups

*Coconut 1 medium bulb

*Pepper 6 medium pieces

*Seasoning cube 2 cubes

*Onion 1 medium bulb

*Salt to taste

*Fresh tomatoes 6 medium sizes

*Meat 6 medium sizes


Preparation Procedure

1. Remove the shell of the coconut.

2. Cut into pieces and blend

3. Remove the chaff

4. Put the coconut juice in a pot and add slice onion & pepper and boil for 8 mins.

5. Add the cooked meat, salt, seasoning cube, tomato & allow it to boil for a while.

6. Add the parboiled rice.

7. Cook till rice is tender, when the water is dried up.

8. Bring it down and serve.


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