5 Easy Steps On How To Prepare Nigerian Egg Sauce Fast.

Firstly:Cut\chop your onion, pepper, tomatoes, garlic, green beans carrots, (green pepper) if necesarry and keep aside.

Secondly:Rince your frying pan/pot and place on fire to dry.When pan is dry add oil into pan/pot.

Thirdly: When the oil’s hot add your chopped stuff and stirr well, after that add your salt (maggi and any other spice of your choice) if needed and add a little bit of water and allow to boil.

Fourthly: When the pan/pot is getting boiled crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk gently and keep aside.l

Fifthly: When water is boiled add your whisked eggs into the pan/pot gently dont stirr it just reduce the fire and allow to boil when boiled out set ur plates and dish {bonapetit} as they say food is ready enjoy 👌👍.

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